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Dov hails from a junkyard in Englishtown, New Jersey and now lives with his wife Jessica and their dog in Brooklyn.  He also spent some time on an Ashram in Southern India as a child, and will never go back. When not working as an actor or standup comedian, Dov has been finishing a memoir to be published by St Martin’s Press late 2017.  Dov was thrown out of High School for behavioral issues and will spend the rest of his life proving that he’s better than that, even though he will never actually feel that way inside. 

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Watch Dov on Judd Apatow's new HBO series, Crashing. It's about a comic who discovers his wife is cheating and starts to reevaluate his life.

Watch Dov play Internal Affairs Agent Tom Verco on Season 2 of NBC's cop drama Shades of Blue with Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez.


Road Dog is comedian, actor, and writer, Dov Davidoff's unflinching memoir told through reflections of twelve months on the road. Davidoff travels across the country from college campuses to local theaters doing stand-up comedy and telling it like it is. He's been known to wax poetic about everything from encounters with large fake breasts, to people who have too many kids, to magnum condoms the size of CD cases. He is hilarious and relatable and will have you laughing at yourself in no time. 

But there's more to the road dog life than TV features and sold out comedy shows, there's a dark underbelly and Dov knows it well. His memoir chronicles the highs and often very low lows of performance life with honesty, clarity, and humility. Dov takes readers from his fractured childhood days spent in a New Jersey junkyard with a gruff Jewish father and commune-loving hippie Protestant mother to the intense hyperactive persona that his fans know and expect discussing the relationships, drugs, and demons that he has fought along the way. With an eye for self-reflection, and a penchant for hilarious irony, Dov pulls back the curtain on a life hard-made on the road.

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